Protect Yourself From Mortgage Fraud

Are you the potential victim of a foreclosure scam? Whatever the reason you are behind on your mortgage when a foreclosure notice shows up. The notice is a public document on file at city hall. Con artists seek out these notices, copy them and call potential victims with the promise to make everything better.

We are professionals with privileged legal expertise and 20 years of experience helping people just like you. I can get the bank credit off your name, refinance your loan, make sure you stay in your house until you get back on your feet.



The person you think is trying to help you save your home shows up with a lot of documents to sign. You sign, thinking you are saving your home but you are really giving the con artist the deed to your house. Once he has the deed, he knows how to use it to get a new mortgage for more than your current home loan. He pays your old loan and pockets the difference. He may even demand rent from you, while the new loan secured by your house goes unpaid and into foreclosure. The conman pockets the loan. You lose your house, the equity and the fees you paid the conman. If you are having mortgage trouble, talk to your lender avoid foreclosure heroes who want the deed to your house. They may be trying to steal your home even if they promise to rent it back to you. Report mortgage fraud to 18004FRAUD8. Lets shut the door on fraud.


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