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KING: We're back with Michael Moore. Strange e-mail question from Dick in Ohio; "To my knowledge, "Fahrenheit 911" has never been shown on commercial TV"

MOORE: That is correct.

KING: "Is this because station owners back Bush or are the networks afraid of political retribution?"

MOORE: They've been afraid, I think, to show it. If you were watch it now, Larry, a movie that I made four years ago. Four years ago in that movie I was talking about how the soldiers were being treated at Walter Reed Hospital. So many things in that movie have since now finally the media has paid some attention to. But I went over to the Toronto Film Festival a couple of months ago and I get out at the car at the hotel to check in and the guy checking me in says, hey, your movie was on TV here on the Canadian Television, on the CBC, "Fahrenheit 9/11."

I said, you've got to be kidding me. I can't even get that shown in my own country. I get mail from all over the world.


Mike Moore on King 2/6/08 part 3 of 4

KING: Why isn't it shown?

MOORE: That's the question to ask the heads of the networks. You know, I mean, I don't know what political retribution they're afraid of at this point. They're certainly more powerful than most politicians. They are GE and --

KING: We have an e-mail question from Debbie in Texas, "Do Mr. Moore's religious beliefs play a factor in how he votes? And what does he think of the idea that our country was based on keeping government out of the church, not god out of government?"

MOORE: Well, I mean, my own personal beliefs probably do inform how I vote, how I live, you know. I was raised Irish Catholic, still go to Mass. I believe very strongly in those principles and I try to live by them as best I can. So they probably -- they inform when I say that I am morally prohibited from voting for Hillary in the primaries, because of her war votes. I mean that not as a personal attack against her but I simply can't side with somebody who participated in, whether willingly or unknowingly, as she claims, in something that has been --

KING: So this comes from your religious background?

MOORE: I think it probably does. I went to the seminary to be a priest when I was in high school.

KING: Really?

MOORE: Yes, but I don't wear it on my sleeve. I'm not a proselytizer or anything like that. I just try to still live by it as best I can.

KING: Do you think the rap against Romney was unfair?

MOORE: Absolutely, I do. I hate it when I see anybody attacking anybody's religion, whether it's Mitt Romney or Tom Cruise. I just think that should be off limits. As Americans, it's nobody's business. It's everybody's private business. When is the last time you heard a sentence where the words Mitt Romney and Tom Cruise were in the same sentence?

KING: It would have to come from you. An e-mail from Lois in Tucson, "Michael, I'm a big fan. I've seen all your movies. What's your next project?"

MOORE: I have a number of things. I can't talk about them too much while I'm doing them for all the obvious reasons.

KING: Are you doing one now?

MOORE: Yes, I'm in the middle of one now. You know, if I can just say in the broad strokes of it, in the last eight years, a lot of things happened in this country that we didn't pay a lot of attention to because we were so focused on Bush and the war. While we were so focused on that and distracted, corporate America and others got away with a lot. A lot of stuff that we're going to have a hard time getting our democracy back. It's sort of -- you know, the theme of it is while America slept, but it's a comedy.

KING: You must be fierce to watch in the editing room.

MOORE: We have a lot of fun in the editing room.

KING: You really know how to edit.

MOORE: I have great editors, too, that work with me. We're a good team. I'm so proud. The editors are nominated for the Editors Awards out here next week, in addition to the Oscars.

KING: Back with our remaining moments with Michael Moore right after this.



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