Embezzlement Hits Congressional Republicans

Its Friday, March 14th, 2008 I am James Kotecki and this Playbook TV. Are you tired of sexual scandals, racial politics got your feeling blue, or how about some good old fashioned embezzlement so you can turn that frown upside down. Politicals Hannah Conner report that the former treasurer of the National Republican Congressional Committee Christopher Ward has embezzled as much as 1 million dollars from the NRCC and other republican committees. Wards is said to have filed bogus audits from 2002 to 2006. Apparently a break in the case came when Ward attended to submit one phoney audit on fake letterhead. Fake letterhead? That’s like a trick straight from the 5th grade playbook. But no matter how many times, you swear it’s the real doctors note, then as now, its just hard for teachers to accept that your doctors name is Butts McCrackin.


Needless to say the jig was quickly up for word and NRCC is still investigating the extent of the damage. Now if you are democrat you might be tempted to think of this as evidence of republican corruption but since its really the NRCC stealing from itself, perhaps the democrats will look at this as a kind of virtuous cannibalization which is after all the best kind. Next Obama and Clinton Campaigns are sparring are over electoral viability. Smith reports that in response to Clinton’s strategist Mark Penn’s claim that Obama really can’t win a general election, Obama’s spokesman Tommy Vida points to Obama’s lead in delegates, states one, and the popular vote and claims that Mark Penn is divorced from reality. You know this is hard for me too, but Mark and reality have fallen out of love. But Tommy I want you to know, that it doesn’t meant they both don’t still love you very very much. Well actually in the case of Mark Penn, it probably does.

Finally the Washington Post reports that voted democrats have proposed primary revote in June that would happen through the mail. Ok Floridians, I know you think you are all hot shot cause you came up with this great idea – ooo voting through the mail, why didn’t anyone think of this before? Well two reasons actually, number one – you are Florida, so of all the new things you guys should be experimenting with, voting systems is not of them. Number two – you are doing it through the mail, so basically you will be replacing this guy with this guy. Well that’s it for today so check out politico.com/playbook for more stories including yesterday’s meeting between Clinton and Obama and don’t worry even if your phoney letterhead excuse wont get you out of school, you can at least try to convince your teacher that you are learning something from what you see right here on playbook tv.



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